The European chapter of the International CPTED Association (ICA) is known as the European Designing Out Crime Association, E-DOCA. It was established in 2001 and is based in The Netherlands. E-DOCA is run by the Dutch Association for Safe/Secure Urban Design, Planning and Management/Maintenance (in Dutch: Stichting Veilig Ontwerp en Beheer, SVOB).


E-DOCA is a network of experts, practioners, policy makers and researchers working on CPTED. E-DOCA members include urban planners, designers, police, security professionals, academics, city management, local and regional authorities, and other stakeholders and individuals interested in urban safety and CPTED. E-DOCA is an informal network and umbrella. As soon as the number of people working on CPTED in a country reaches a certain threshold the CPTED experts will organise themselves in a national ICA chapter like e.g. the SVOB in the Netherlands or DOCA in the UK.



2020: one website for E-DOCA and SVOB

Since 2020, all E-DOCA information (news, publications, etc.) can be found on this website of the SVOB. Both in Dutch and English and sometimes other languages.