The Association for Safe/Secure Urban Design and Management/Maintenance (SVOB) focuses on making buildings, homes and outdoor spaces safer by explicitly taking safety and security into account in both the design and management of the built environment. SVOB bases itself on criminological theories (rational choice model, situational approach, occasion theory), which assume that crime and feelings of insecurity can be combated by making changes in the physical and social environment. Central to this is the CPTED model (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design). In The Netherlands we speak of Safe/Secury Urban Design and Management/Maintenance.

SVOB is part of an international network (European Designing Out Crime Association E-DOCA) and is affiliated with the International CPTED Association (ICA).

What makes the SVOB special?

  • Her focus: the entire ‘chain’ is covered: design, layout, management and maintenance of buildings, homes and outdoor space
  • Her approach: bottom-up with the help of an expert network instead of top-down
  • It’s content: situational approach with interaction between social and physical environment (instead of victim-oriented or offender-oriented approach).
  • Her environment: originated from an international network instead of only a national network

What does the SVOB do?

  • Establish and keep alive a network of experts and stakeholders in safe design and management, including through this website.
  • Organizing courses, conferences, workshops and other events that can bring about knowledge transfer on safe design and management.
  • Contribute to the quality, knowledge and skills of the consultants who offer services in the Netherlands regarding safe design and management.
  • Promote theory and research.
  • Maintaining contacts with organizations in other countries dealing with safe design and management.

Become a member of the CPTED expert network
The SVOB has a network of experts in the Netherlands. Participation in the SVOB network is interesting for professionals involved in the safe design and management of the built environment, such as planners, (landscape) architects, urban planners, project developers, police, fire brigade, emergency services, security experts, consultancies, local and regional authorities. (Spatial Planning, Safety, Management, etc.), lecturers / students of (integral) safety courses, architectural and / or public space management.

Membership costs € 35 per year. Members receive, among other things, the newsletter, can participate in meetings for free or with a discount and can purchase SVOB publications at a discount. Knowledge and experience is shared with other members of the network through its own LinkedIn group and in the website. You can sign up for membership via our website.