For the RCE certification you follow a basic CPTED training recognized by the SVOB. Two training institutes currently have this recognition.

The Dutch Association for Safe/Secure Urban Design, Planning and Management/Maintenance (SVOB) aims to increase safety in the Netherlands by promoting safe design and management of the built environment and forming a national platform in the field of safe urban design and management/maintenance. One of the ways it does this is to act as a standard-setter for personal certification and – subsequently – as a standard-setter for training institutes that train current and future professionals in the safety domain in a field related to ‘Safe Urban Design and Management/Maintenance’. Such a recognized training can hereafter contribute to a personal registration, as is already the case with the Register CPTED Expert (in short: RCE).

With regard to the standardization of the training institutes, the Specific Regulations RCE state that the SVOB fulfills the role of register expert and grants the designation ‘SVOB-recognized training’ to courses that have shown that the participants are sufficiently prepared for the requirements have been set by the SVOB with regard to theoretical and practical exams RCE.

The review
To qualify for SVOB recognition, both the study program and the teacher (s) are tested qualitatively and substantively. The qualitative assessment relates to the didactic and pedagogical aspects of the study program as a whole. In this case, substantive testing refers to the content of the VOB educational offer.

Is your organization interested?
For more information about the assessment requirements and the costs associated with recognition, please contact the SVOB secretariat.