What makes the SVOB special?

  • Her focus: the entire ‘chain’ is covered: design, layout, management and maintenance of buildings, homes and outdoor space
  • Her approach: bottom-up with the help of an expert network instead of top-down
  • It’s content: situational approach with interaction between social and physical environment (instead of victim-oriented or offender-oriented approach).
  • Her environment: originated from an international network instead of only a national network

What does the SVOB do?

  • Establish and keep alive a network of experts and stakeholders in safe design and management, including through this website.
  • Organizing courses, conferences, workshops and other events that can bring about knowledge transfer on safe design and management.
  • Contribute to the quality, knowledge and skills of the consultants who offer services in the Netherlands regarding safe design and management.
  • Promote theory and research.
  • Maintaining contacts with organizations in other countries dealing with safe design and management.