In 2019, the  Dutch ‘Stichting voor veilig ontwerp en beheer’  (Foundation for Safe Design and Management (SVOB)) set up a youth network: Young CPTED Professionals.
The existing SVOB network has years of knowledge and experience about CPTED. The SVOB wants to train a new generation of professionals who continue to propagate and innovate the ideas of CPTED in relation to current social safety issues.

The Young CPTED Professional network is for students and Young Professionals with an interest in social safety issues. This can be done from various disciplines or work experience from, for example, design, research or policy. The Young CPTED Professionals offers you access to the SVOB network with an international knowledge database. You can organize or attend knowledge cafés and lectures and delve further into specific themes by becoming a member of a department. In the long term, the network also offers you access to internship and graduation positions and relevant vacancies on the labor market. Departments The Young CPTED Professional network establishes departments around current safety issues. In these departments, members develop into experts on a specific theme and work on innovative solutions for practice. The departments are still under development.

Register if you want to start a department. Potential departments are:

  • Safe product design
  • Nuisance and behavioral influence
  • Safe living environment
  • Safe working environment
  • Terror-resistant building and furnishing
  • Digital security


We are still looking for board members for the Young CPTED Professional network.

For more information download the brochure or contact us.

Download the folder Young CPTED Professionals Network