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Morgan, Anthony, Rick Brown, Maggie Coughlan, Hayley Boxall, Deanna Davy. Reducing crime in public housing areas through community development: An evaluation of the High Density Housing Program in the ACT. Australion Institute of Criminology, Research Report 06, 2018.

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[2018] This Australian project involves the application of community development approaches to prevent crime and antisocial behaviour at Ainslie Avenue, a large public housing area in Canberra (ACT) comprising six (previously seven) blocks. An on-the-ground manager (OTGM), employed by Reclink Australia, maintains a continuing presence across the site, coordinating existing services to residents and introducing new events, activities and programs that provide opportunities for resident interaction and relationship building and that address the needs of residents. The findings of this evaluation provide promising evidence of the impact of community development approaches to crime prevention in . . .

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